octave therapy e​.​p.

by holding.rabbits

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released May 19, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Toast of the Day
little girl, don't you cry
it doesn't make it better anyway
it's just a game we teach our kids to play
but it doesn't mean shit at the end of the day

little one, just be yourself
it's all that really matters anyway
it's just a phrase we teach our kids to say
but it doesn't mean shit at the end of the day

let's get married,
we'll run away
we'll be the toast of the day
remember when we were young
and our lives were so much fun?
Track Name: Hallelujah, I'm in Love
softest smile and sweetest lips,
lovely mind and lovely hips.
take a ride upon our bikes
and smoke some cigarettes at night.
i'm in love and i don't care.

and if we start to sing an off-key melody,
don't worry, we've both been there before.
and i know what it's like to choke behind the mic
and sing things that i've never sung before.

hallelujah, i'm in love again

i'd like to think you'll never change
but if you didn't that'd be strange.
i'm okay with the switch,
you'll do what you must do,
and who you are will still be you.

everybody's changing, no need to feel blue.
my heart's rearranging to make a space for you.
everybody's crazy. nothing to keep them sane.
lovers throwing roses in the rain.
Track Name: All My Life
and if you want me to, i'll love you all my life
yeah, that'd be alright with me
and if you want me to, i'll stay by your sweet side
i'll carry you with pride, you'll see

and all the skies are growing dark
and bad times are here to stay
you and i could be the spark
to drive all of those looming clouds away

and all my leaves are falling off
and my hair is going gray
when i sing i start to cough
but i'm sure all of that will go away