Like Intimacy

by holding.rabbits

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released May 2, 1983

josh nelson-everything


june noh-vocals on "in the movies"
zach smola-some drums on "maybe we can dance"



all rights reserved
Track Name: In the Movies
oh so you met sofia in the kitchen
and if the story's true, well that's bitchin'
did she tell you her secret recipe?
and if she did friend, could you share it with me?

ben, i am so glad to say that i have got a friend
in the movies, bababadaba

oh so you met jessica at a punk show
and how you broke each others' hearts well we all know
but now it's better, hey, she's your wife now
i gotta get one of those, can't you tell me how?

ben, your life is like a dream that i have seen somewhere in the movies, bababadaba

one plus one is one from two
i would be sad, i would be blue
if you two didn't make it through
you make me think there's hope for me
if not for hope where would we be?
there'd be no light by which to see
Track Name: This is Best
i hope you can understand
what i'm trying to say
faith, hope, and sanity are
for what i pray
and this is best for you, take a ride on a plane
and this is best for you, spend the summer away

to all my friends i've not been treating right
to all my friends i've been keeping up at night
i apologize

i hope the course in life
grades on a curve
but it's that very thing
that i don't deserve
i don't treat my lungs alright, but they serve me fine
i serve you tap water and you serve me wine

if anyone can hear my song
sing it back to me, it's been so long
there's too many hours in my day
how will i spend them all? i'll just find a way
Track Name: Thank You for Loving Me
thank you for loving me, the best that you could
thank you for loving me, when no one else would
thank you for loving me (for loving me)
thank you for loving me (for loving me)

meeting you at the subway station
and you're right on time (and you're right on time)
don't worry about the taxi cab,babe
it's on my dime
and when you come i scream out "all aboard"
you cut the heart of me, like a sword (stupid lyric, sorry)


waking up at the suwon station
is such a drag (sleep is such a drag)
i nearly forgot your present
it's in my bag
it's a picture of us i found from back in the day
i know it's not a lot, but it's meant to say


and all the world is simply such a hit or miss
but all could be solved here tonight, with just a kiss
Track Name: Maybe We Can Dance
it doesn't feel like you're taking any chance
you're placing bets on a bullet proof romance
i'll bring you flowers and maybe we can dance
that's just a bit of what i'll do for you

what iiiiiiiiiiiiii, what i'll do for you

i won't lie, there's been more than a few
but i'm praying hard that you'll stick to me like glue
i'm a fool, i've never been that smart
you make me feel like a priceless piece of art

what iiiiiiiiiiiiii, what i'll do for you

(feedback nonsense)

when you're gone i feel my heart is caving in
with memories of all the good times that we spent
if you stay, i'll never look away
that's just a bit of what i'll do for you

what iiiiiiiiiiiiiii, what i'll do for you
Track Name: Damn, I miss the 90's
i don't recall the 80's
i was born in '83
7 years of childhood
all but lost to me

but damn, i miss the 90's
i miss the world so new
i miss not knowing heart-ache
i miss not knowing you

here's one of me, i was so happy then
this one's of you, we can't go back again
it can't be true, do you remember all those dreams
how they were shining?

damn, i miss my grand-dad
my other family too
i miss being so hopeful
of all that i would do

here lies a love that strikes without a warning
here lies the ghost of a saturday morning
here lies a better time, it lies it lies it lies

here lies the faith of an innocent boy
here lies the corpse of a forgotten joy
here lies a better time, it lies it lies it lies
Track Name: Undressing
some kinds of islands are hidden from view
maybe it's me or just you
it breathes, regrets, it smokes cigarettes
that's just what some islands do

somehow a memory can stick in your throat
changing the course of the boat
it shutters, it shakes, it bends then it breaks
making a fool out of you

time takes her shirt off, but slowly, you see
this is the first time, time ever felt so light and free

some tiny planets are masters of fate
no one to tell them they're late
they fail then they try, they live then they die
as planets are oft wont to do
making a fool out of you
Track Name: holding rabbits
when i was a boy, you lived in korea
studying english, math, and history
'n i was a child in south carolina
in love with comics and mystery

but i was holding you, i was holding rabbits, as they died

you were in england, while i was in georgia
earning my college degree
i didn't know you yet, and you
you didn't know about me

now you're in malaysia, and i'm in korea
i'm always one step behind
but i will keep walking, and i'll always keep you
in the front of my mind

see, when we stop growing
it's only a matter of time
at the top of the hill, either way
it's a steady decline

but i'll be holding you, i'll be holding memories
as i die