Light Trials

by holding.rabbits



released April 14, 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: Joni Baloney
She hears her fortune on a Thursday night.
She likes the things she hears.
Golden paths to a future self stretch ahead for years.

She takes a walk around the block each day
to buy herself some sweets.
Friendly faces along the way greet her on the streets.

Joni Baloney, you're the greatest girl I know.
Joni Baloney, don't ever ever let me go.
Don't say that it's too late for trust.
Don't say that it's too late for us. (So just stay with me.)

She takes the train and rushes in through the door
to collapse into her bed.
She checks her texts and suspects her ex is roaming her complex
and he has come back from the dead.

She makes a plan. She books a ticket to find
and to start her newest life.
On a stagecoach a man arrives to take her as his wife.

Chorus again

And so they wondered where she'd gone.
She disappeared before the dawn.
One time I saw her in the pond.
She called me to the Great Beyond.