i want to be with you E​.​P.

by holding.rabbits

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just 3 songs that i put together before i go home for a while. hope you like them. it's free if you want it to be, or you can pay me. it's more important that you listen than pay me.


released June 13, 2011




all rights reserved
Track Name: Sleeping Too Long
good morning to all of you out there
to all you weekend warriors living on a prayer
the weather's nice today, come outside
i brought my autobike
would you care for a ride?

when the cobwebs grow between your fingers, you know
from the moment you first open your eyelids, go

hello to every pretty girl
to all you dancing queens who twist and twirl
you might want to stretch out those limbs just before
you take that broken body
out on the floor

magic needn't be all that uncommon
it's a little bowl of spicy ramen
and i'd given anything to have a frolic
with a tiny asian choco-holic
and when you decide that you just can't win
you just give in

you've been sleeping too long
(you're life is just outside your bedroom door,
you can't afford to sleep a second more)
Track Name: June
if i'm old and my hair is turning gray
will you still sit beside me every day
on a garden swing to have some tea
and keep me company

if you're old and your hair is turning white
will you still lay beside me every night
echoing the promises of youth
and sing a song to soothe

anyway, i think we're gonna make it
wouldn't make a promise just to break it
i just want every moment of your life
to be like the month of june

while we're young before our bodies break apart
do you swear to me we'll finish what we start?
what's the point of a heart if not for you?
what's a boy to do?

yeah, i'm broken, yeah, we're wounded
fuck, we're falling apart
but for heaven's sake let's take a shot in the dark
from this flask i brought that's built for two
i hope that scotch will do

summer's upon us and it burns like a flame
i forget the winter every time i say your name
spring time is coming and we're skipping the cold
the sunshine is waiting to wrap your face in gold again

(sick synth solo)

that's to say "i think we're gonna make"
wouldn't make a promise just to break it
i just want every moment of your life
to be like the month of june

(sick guitar outro, if you skip the outro you shouldn't bother listening to the song, it's all about the outro)